32 Pieces


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32 Pieces - an exciting, new chess website is coming soon!

Play chess online against other chess players, or maybe hone yours skills against our various chess engines.

If you are interested in when 32 Pieces goes Beta, please provide your email address below.

More information


32 Pieces is a next generation chess website offering online real-time and correspondance chess games


We offer a variety of different game options, from real-time games to online correspondance games.


On 32 Pieces you will find a variety of different ways to improve your chess game. Whether you are looking for puzzles, tutorials, chess games to study or fancy a challenge against one of our chess engines.

Go Mobile

32 Pieces' already supports all types of chess game through your web browser. Coming soon we will be launching 32 pieces on Windows Phone 7, iOS and Android!



We value your feedback, if you want to get in touch please find the email details below :-

Andrew Rimmer Andrew Rimmer Founder